Tube Skin Brochure

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Reliable Furnace and Heater Temperature Measurement,
without Thermocouple Failure.

Advantages to Our Thermocouples

Welded Tube Skin Thermocouple on Ethylene Furnace Coil Outlet

Crossover Tube Assembly on Olefins Furnace

Replaceable Tube Skin Thermocouple on Delayed Coker Unit

  • 3-year warranty inclusive of materials, workmanship and insulation resistance
  • Low drift / high accuracy
  • Replaceable versions available
  • Less frequent decoking, due to accurate cracking temperatures
  • Better furnace / heater efficiency
  • Longer furnace / heater tube life

Thermo Sensors Corporation adheres to many stringent procedures in the fabrication of thermocouples and thermocouple installation. With the use of proprietary fabrication methods and materials, we are able to provide our customers with extreme accuracy and longevity, resulting in substantial cost savings. Accurate temperature measurement results in better control of the process, resulting in furnace efficiency, longer tube life and less decoking.

"your competitorsí thermocouples were lasting a maximum of five months and the readings we were seeing were 1800° and decreasing at a steady pace. Now, after one year of testing, your thermocouples have not been replaced and are reading within 2° as the day we installed them, 2050°..."