Thermocouple Wire

This section has been developed to serve as a guide in the selection of wires to accomplish most all temperature measuring requirements. Featured is a large selection of thermoelements, insulation materials and constructions. Should you need assistance, Thermo Sensors' sales personnel are anxious to help you in selecting the wire to give optimum performance in your application.  

Thermo Sensors' thermocouple and extension wires are known for their quality performance and reliability. Careful attention is given to the proper selection and matching of conductors to ensure conformance to standard limits of error as defined in ANSI C96.1. Unless otherwise specified, all wire will be furnished to standard limits of error. Many of the wires are available with special limits of error and must be specified when ordering.

Technical Data
Thermocouple Wire Types, Construction
and Characteristics
Insulated Thermocouple Wire
Thermocouple Extension Wire Types,
Construction and Characteristics
Multipair Thermocouple Extension Cable
Bare Thermocouple Wire
Metal Sheathed Thermocouple Wire

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