We’ve been a leader in manufacturing quality thermocouple, and RTD assemblies since 1972. Thermo Sensors Corporation provides the chemical, petrochemical, refining, food, pharmaceutical, power, environmental and other industries with sensors of standard and special designs. We’re dedicated to a quality control program that sets us apart in the industry. You can always look to us for a great product!

Quality Control Standard Testing

  • 100% testing of all sensors.
  • Each sensor is checked for proper output at room temperature as well as an elevated temperature.
  • Insulation resistance of every sensor is checked.
  • Each sensor is checked by QC personnel to assure the the physical sensor matches the part number, i.e. sensor type, fitting options, lengths, etc.
  • When a sensor passes complete inspection, it is given an engraved traceability number.This number allows Thermo Sensors to resurrect a material test report, calibration data and part number of unit.
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Our Mission

“Thermo Sensors Corporation is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and rapid delivery at a competitive price. We continue to challenge ourselves in pursuit of excellence.”

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