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Cerampak Thermocouple Wire

Cerampak – magnesium oxide insulated, metal sheathed thermocouple wire – is used primarily to fabricate thermocouple assemblies. The rugged construction of compacted MgO insulation inside a metal sheathing also makes it useful as an extension wire through harmful environments.

All sheath materials are furnished in a properly annealed condition to allow hand bending in the field.

Cerampak is weldable, flexible – can be bend on a radius two times its diameter – and is moisture resistant when properly sealed.

Material selected from the following Table B will be furnished in a coil with the ends sealed. No wires will be exposed unless requested.

Table A is provided to help in the proper selection to suit your requirements.

Table A – Nominal Wire Size and Lengths

Sheath, FractionDiameter, InchesConductor Size (AWG)*


Table B – Material Selection

Sheath, DiameterOrder Code ANSI CalibrationOrder Code Sheath MaterialOrder Code
.040″040Chromel/ConstantanE304 St. St.34
1/16″ (.063″)1Iron ConstantanJ310 St. St.30
1/8″ (.125″)2Chromel/AlumelK316 St. St.36
3/16″ (.188″)3Copper/ConstantanT347 St. St.37
1/4″ (.250″)4Plat 10% RH/PlatS410 St. St.40
5/16″ (.313″)5Plat 13% RH/PlatR446 St. St.46
3/8″ (.375″)6Plat 30% RH/Plat 6% RHBInconel 60060
    Inconel 60161
    Inconel 70272
    Inconel 80080


1. For Premium Grade (Special Limits of Error) material: add “PG to the calibration code. Example: 4KPG60

2. For Duplex (4 wire) material: add prefix “2” to the calibration code. Example: 42K60

3. The most commonly used sizes and materials are listed. Others are available – Specify.

How to Order

Make a selection from each of the 3 sections of Table B and combine to form a catalog number. Specify catalog number and length required.

For duplex (4 wire), special limits of error, or special material – refer to the notes above.

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