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Any insulated wire in this bulletin can be furnished with a metal overbraid to give added protection from abrasion and mechanical damage.

Stranded Overbraids:

– Stainless Steel

– Tinned Copper

Available as special order:

– Flat Stainless Ribbon Braid

– Flat Stainless Steel Spiral Wrap

To specify an overbraid, see “How To Order.”

By using the information from the tables on the following pages, a wire can be selected to meet the installation conditions of most common industrial requirements. However, special constructions and insulations are available. Request a quotation to your specifications.


How to Order

Standard Limits of Error Wire:

Specify footage required and the appropriate catalog number from the following tables.

Example: 3000 ft PP16KX

Special Limits of Error Wire:

Same as standard wire except add suffix “-PG” catalog number.

Example: 3000 ft GG20K-PG

Metal Overbraid Wire:

Same as for standard or special wires and add suffix:

“-SS” for stainless steel wire overbraid

“-CU” for tinned copper wire overbraid

Example: 3000 ft GG20K-SS

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