Industrial Thermocouple

Thermo Sensors Industrial thermocouples are widely used in process industry applications. Thermocouples are generally selected by determining the particular conditions under which it must perform. These conditions which have recommended wire and material selections and are grouped in types.

Thermo Sensors thermocouple element types include:

  • Type E Chromel-Constantan Thermocouple
  • Type J Iron-Constantan Thermocouple
  • Type K Chromel-Alumel Thermocouple
  • Type N Nicrosil-Nisil Thermocouple
  • Type R Platinum-Platinum 13% Rhodium Thermocouple
  • Type S Platinum-Platinum 10% Rhodium Thermocouple
  • Type B Platinum 6% Rhodium-Platinum 30% Rhodium Thermocouple
  • Type T Copper- Constantan Thermocouple

The wire gauge and recommended temperature ranges are of various sizes as well.

Please refer to our order guide to assist in determining your needs. We can also provide technical design assistance and application suggestions. Give us a call.

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