Product and Ordering Information

Extended Lead RTD Assemblies

Table A (cont.)

Figure 7   Figure 8
Figure 9 Figure 10
Figure 11 Figure 12
Figure 13

Lead Insulation Basic Order Code
Figure 7 Figure 8 Figure 9 Figure 10 Figure 11 Figure 12 Figure 13
FEP TT (X) TTS (X) TTA (X) TTP (X) T (X) TS (X) TA (X)
Kapton TK (X) TKS (X) TKA (X) TKP (X) K (X) KS (X) KA (X)
Polyvinyl TP (X) TPS (X) TPA (X) TPP (X) P (X) PS (X) PA (X)
Fiberglass TG (X) TGS (X) TGA (X) TGP (X) G (X) GS (X) GA (X)

How to Order:

Replace the "X" in "Basic" order code with desired lead extension Length in inches.

Example: TT48 for 48" Lead Length

RTD Assembly Specifications

Table B (sensor diameter)

Sensor Diameter Order Code
1/8" (.125") 2
3/16" (.188") 3
1/4" (.250")STD 4
5/16" (.312") 5
3/8" (.375") 6


Table C (element)

Material Temperature Coefficient/Alpha (a) Order Code
Single Element Dual Element
100Ω Platinum .00385Ω/Ω°C A 2A
100Ω Platinum .003916Ω/Ω°C B 2B
100Ω Platinum .003902Ω/Ω°C C 2C
Sama Standard
.00392Ω/Ω°C D 2D
120Ω Nickel .00672Ω/Ω°C E 2E
9.035Ω Copper .00427Ω/Ω°C F 2F


Table D (tolerance)

Accuracy at 0°C Order Code
± .12% Class B 1
± .06% Class A 2
± .03% Lab Grade 3
± .02% Lab Grade 4
± .01% Lab Grade 5


Table E (temperature range)

Temperature Range Order Code
-50 to +250 Deg. C
-58 to +482 Deg. F
-50 to +400 Deg. C
-58 to +752 Deg. F
-50 to +660 Deg. C
-58 to +1220 Deg. F


Table F (sheath material)

Sheath Material Order Code
316 SS 1
Alloy 600 2
Alloy C-276 3


Table G (lead connection)

2-Wire Order Code A
3-Wire Order Code B
4-Wire Order Code C


Table H (length)

Specify "L" in Inches
Length Not required when Thermowell is used.

Optional Connections

(For extended lead types)

Table I (options)

  Description Order Code
Spade Lugs for #8 Screw L
Male Plug M
The connectors shown are for 3-wire single element assemblies.

Two - 2 Pin connectors mounted in tandem will be furnished for both styles of 4-wire single element assemblies.

Dual element assemblies will have the same connector arrangements except Doubled.
Female Jack F
Watertight connector 1/2" NPT W1
3/4" NPT W3
Watertight connector with lugs for #8 screws 1/2" NPT WL1
3/4" NPT WL3


Optional Mounting Fittings
Description NPT Order Code
1/8" 1AS
1/4" 2AS
3/8" 3AS
1/2" 4AS
3/4" 6AS
For FEP readjustable insert, replace "A" with "R"
Example: 4RS


Optional Spring-Loaded Devices
Description Order Code

Adjustable Spring
FP 275

1/2" NPT Double threaded adjustable hex bushing
FP 240

1/2" NPT single threaded adjustable hex bushing