Product and Ordering Information

The RTD’s (resistance temperature detectors) listed in this section are those most commonly used in the plastics industry. They are also suitable for other applications requiring the convenience of bayonet connection or simplification of installation as with the rigid tube design.

For other designs and materials, please consult the factory.



Sensing Element:

Platinum sensors with a tolerance of ± 0.12% at 0°C and temperature ranges of -50 to + 400°C (-58 to + 752°F) are catalogued. Assemblies are available in two temperature coefficients (Alpha) of .03385 W/W/°C (Din 43760) and .003916 Ω/Ω/°C. The Din curve is the most commonly used sensor.


Lead Materials:

Leads for the 260°C (482°F) range assemblies are silver plated copper insulation with FEP.

Leads for the 400 °C (752°F) range assemblies are nickel plated copper insulated with fiberglass.


Sheath Material:

3/16″ O.D. (.188″) 304 stainless steel

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