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Advantages of Thermo Sensors’ new “RELIATEMP” RTD

  • Great insulation resistance due to highly compacted Mgo along with proprietary techniques performed during manufacturing. Thermo Sensors standard IR test is 100 volts input with a pass being greater than 2000 megohms.
  • Wide span of temperature, (-200º to +400º c) with optional I-600 sheath (-200º to +660º c).
  • Vibration resistant due to encapsulation method of element.
  • Improved time response due to moisture free Mgo compaction.
  • Less drift due to Mgo compaction and iron-free backing powder in RTD tip.


Reliatemp RTD Specs

Ice Point Resistance: 100 ohm ± .10 ohm
Temperature Range: -200º TO +660ºc
Insulation Resistance: >2000 megaohms (waterproof)
Time Response: 2.1 seconds
Thermal Shock: 450ºc plunged into room temperature water at 3 fps, five times
Thermal Cycling: 284 cycles between 26º and 480ºc (62 min. intervals)
Self Heating: 7.8 ohm/watt with 60 mw/1.2ºc
Vibration: Three axes with 3 g’s acceleration (5 to 500 Hz) at room temperature
High Temp Vibration: One axis with 20 g’s acceleration (30 to 550 Hz) at 540ºc

RTD’S fabricated per ASTM E1137

RTD’S tested per ASTM E644 & beyond


Reliatemp RTD Warranty

Thermo Sensors warrants all RTD’s to be free from defects in workmanship for a three year period. This warranty is limited to workmanship in the encapsulation process. RTD’s which fail within the three year period due to vibration, physical abuse or process, will not be covered under warranty.

Thermo Sensor’s Reliatemp RTD is completely waterproof. Therefore, insulation resistance is guaranteed for a lifetime to be moisture free, greater than 2000 megohms.

Rtd’s which “fall within” the warranty conditions will be replaced at no charge, after the Thermo Sensors evaluation.

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