Product and Ordering Information

Series F: Flanged Thermowells

Type F – Straight Stem

Type FT – Tapered Stem

Type FS – Stepped Stem

Flanged Thermowells and Sleeves for Series 1F and 2F 1 | Thermo Sensors

BoreQDOrdering Code
.260″3/4″3/4″1FSelect Material Code from Here

Specify in Inches


Standard Lengths:

2″, 4″,

7″, 10″,

13″, 16″,


**Series 1 ft & 2 ft Wells With 1″ Flange Will Have Taper as Noted.


Specify Flange Size, Rating, Facing, Material Only if Different Material than Stem.

.260″1 1/16″5/8″1FT
.385″1 1/16″49/642FT

How to Order

Example: 1F36-10-1 1/2″ x 300 RF
Bore = .260″
“Q” = 3/4″
Material = 316 Stainless Steel Well
“U” = 10″
1 1/2″ x 300#RF T316 Flange

Lagging: The 2.25″ Head Dimension shown is standard. If additional length (LAG) is needed within the 2.25″ dimension, specify by placing a “-T” followed by additional length required (in inches) between the material code and “U” dimension code.

Example: 2FT36-T3-10-1×150 RF

Note: The “T” dimension + 2 1/4″ will be the length from the bottom of the flange to the open end of the well.

Sleeves for Series 1F and 2F Thermowells

Flanged Thermowells and Sleeves for Series 1F and 2F 2 | Thermo Sensors

Sleeve MaterialOrdering Code

How to Order

Place Ordering Code as a Suffix Following the Flanged Well Part Number.

Example: 1F36-10-1 1/2″x 300 RF – TS Well as above with Tantalum Sleeve.

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