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Limited Space Thermowells

Limited space thermometer wells for 1/4″ diameter stems with 2 1/2″ stem lengths.



Bimetal thermometers, thermocouples and RTD’s with 1/4″ diameter stems and 2 1/2″ length.


Thread Connections

Standard wells have either a 3/4″ or 1″ NPT process connection and a 1/2″ NPT internal thread. Other thread sizes are available.



Thermometer wells are available in a wide selection of materials. Click here for material codes.

Series 1H & 2H – Limited Space

Limited Space / Weld-In Thermowells 1 | Thermo SensorsProcess ThreadQStem LengthInsertion LengthOrdering Code
3/4″ NPT1/2″2 11/16″1 5/8″1H (Material)
1″ NPT1/2″2 11/16″1 5/8″3H (Material)


Weld-In Thermowells

Limited Space / Weld-In Thermowells 2 | Thermo SensorsPipe Size “P”BoreActual Diameter “P”QOrdering Code
3/4″ Nominal.2601.05.625″1WSelect Material Code from HereSpecify in Inches
1″ Nominal.2601.315.6253W

How to Order

  1. Determine process thread required and specify the corresponding part number listed in the “ordering code” column.
  2. Replace “(Mat’l.)” with desired material code. Material codes are here.
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